How To Avoid Copyright Infringement.

How To Avoid Copyright Infringement.

All small business owners must have a clear understanding of copyright laws and image usage to prevent online embarrassment and or potentially expensive lawsuits.

If you are creating content for your website or your blog and you download an image and post it you are likely committing copyright infringement despite making links back to the image owners website . Using images to break up a wordy post can make it easier on the eye and of course the right image can help drive your message home. Beware however,the litigation process is expensive.

You may be sharing images on social media or using them to create promotional materials like banners or flyers as well as posting images on your blog.

However,are you using those images legally?

Many people think it is OK to grab images from Google or other sources, copying from other blogs or websites for instance. Well the images are available to the public and so it must be OK to use them, isn’t it ?

No it’s not OK !

You must be aware of and not neglet copyright laws.

The penalties for using copyrighted material are harsh.

If you are confused about what you can and cannot do with images you may find this free e-book interesting.


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