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Hello Everyone & Welcome! My Name is Brian Potter and I am the owner of this website ``Tell Me Quick & Tell Me True``

I have a vision to help budding entrepreneurs just like myself start and to grow their own profitable business.
We entrepreneurs are dreamers,creators, pioneers but most of all we are doers, get up and goers and by what we achieve as successful business owners we can change our lives and the lives of those who live around us.
Once we know how to build a successful and thriving business that is able to support ourselves and our families we can find security and happiness that so many dream of.

My ideology is to give much more than I get and to give as many fellow business owners as possible the best resources and training to enable them to achieve their goals.

It was only just a few years ago that I got my start in business,it was after a friend showed me the success he was having selling information products online..

I remember locking myself in my bedroom for many nights studying what he had taught me, the methods he was using to get people to view his offer and how he gave them the confidence to buy from him.

When I had my first sale it was such a rewarding feeling to know that my hard work and my determination had all been worthwhile. OK yes, just the one sale, but that gave me all the inspiration that I needed. More sales came in over the next few weeks and months and suddenly I began to realise that I was on to something. I had found the key to the success that I had dreamed of for some years.

Soon I started getting requests and emails from people asking me for business and marketing advice, they were actually wanting advice from me ! They were asking me to show them how to be successful in their own businesses using my own techniques and the blueprint that found me that key to success.

Since those early days I’ve tried to create some training that will teach fellow entrepreneurs some of my strategies and techniques for marketing and in turn create for them some wealth creation to enable them to enjoy ``The Good Life``.
Hopefully, you too can find some useful instruction and guidance here at Tell Me Quick & Tell Me True.

I look forward to being able to help you.

Here is A Route To Success....

You will Learn How To Believe in You.